Podcast for Coffee Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Having fun talking about coffee while drinking natural wine. Our goal is to discuss current topics in the cofee industry, help you with your professioanls coffee issues like roasting, brewing, coffee quality or business. We hope to inspire the future coffee businesses.

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    Hi, Szia, Ahoj

valerian hrala

I am originally from Centra Europe where after working the the UN/OSCE in Kosovo and later Bosnia and Hercegovina I’ve started my first coffee business – Green Plantation. Since I moved to the USA in 2010 I’ve started multiple coffee and media related businesses like Unleashed Coffee, FX Design and together with Willem Boot we co-founded the most comprehensive online education platform CoffeeCourses.com. I love to make things. Every year I try to learn something new like making sourdough, chocolate or wine. I hope my Hungaro-slavic accent will grow on you in this podcast.

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    Hello there …

marcus young

Nearly 20 years ago I became hooked on coffee while working in another field and began my coffee career. In that time I have shared my experience as an AST (Authorized SCA Trainer), author of numerous coffee industry publications, coffee lecturer, and world barista competition judge. As Boot Coffee Campus’ Director and Senior Trainer and co-host of the CoffeeIs.Me podcast I drive for quality and equitable coffee. I am a licensed Q grader, have worked as a barista, coffee trader, and buyer / quality advisor helping Rwandan farmers bring their specialty coffee to market. I co-founded two micro-roasters and continue to source green coffees and develop roast profiles and blends for clients and major roasting companies. My latest passion is taking these skills from coffee and applying them to the production of natural wine using ancient fermentation and production methods.