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It all started as a silly experiment but very fast it grew into something I love to do and you guys love to listen to.

To produce this podcast costs money and to produce each takes at least 8h. This means that If I would pay myself a little bit less than a plumber in my area — $80/h (plumber in SF Bay Are is charging $90+/h) to produce one episode costs $640. If you add my podcast and web hosting costs, web design work a single episode is around $800-$1000.

I will be honest it is very hard to monetize podcast targeted to a very narrow audience with an advertisement. So this is why I turned to you the listeners.
If this podcast ever helped you, gave you tips you could monetize and make your life better, please donate. If you find this podcast entertaining and you think I deserve a glass of wine, please donate. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


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