The Ode to Home Roasting


Hello fellow listener,

If you are a fan, you know, with each episode my goal was always to give you a value. No, we do not distribute free money, but every episode should be loaded with something we learn and get inspired with.

I do not do this podcast for sake of making podcast. The only reason I am doing this is because I have ton’s of fun to talk to interesting people in the industry I would love to learn from.

I do not care about how trendy they are, what kind of latest barista gizmo they use or how many tattoos they have. All what counts is that they do something what caught my eye, they do things differently and I want to share my excitement with you.

It is almost 20 years that I am trying to make it in the industry. I have created exciting coffee brands, but also failed big time. I saw trends to come and go and so was my excitement and drive. And this is what happened in the summer.

I simply got burned out and inspiration was stuck. I did not see anything in the industry what inspired. Perhaps it is only me and the fact that my latest project with REAL farm to cup requires so much work and gets so little understanding, or perhaps it is the coffee industry, maybe there isn’t anything exciting happening right now? …. no it is probably me ?.

Anyhow, all I want is to reassure you that I did not forget about you and that I am always thinking about new exciting topics for this podcast. Once the muse hits me, we are on the roll. I promise!

Until then, enjoy one of my latest videos intended for sentimental roasters.

with ❤




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