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In this episode I will interview Ryan O’Rourke about how he prepared to start a coffee roasting company.

Ryan is starting Ironclad Coffee Roasters in Richmond, Virginia. In this episode, Ryan talks in detail about how he selected his production roaster, how he goes about buying green coffee and selecting an importer, his portfolio and pricing policy.

I will reveal how Equator Coffees and Teas, Sweet Maria’s and Ethiopia Nekkisse changed my and Green Plantation Coffee‘s life.

The AHA! moment for Ryan came through getting to know Has Bean and its coffee subscription service. Ryan also mentions his virtual mentor  Stephen Leighton , CEO of Has Bean.

We have  a short chat about the advantages and complications of connecting a cafe with a roastery.

Ryan reveals why he decided to start his venture in Richmond and we talk about his competition: Lamplighter Roasting CompanyBlanchards.

We finish with Stephen Leighton and his amazing strategy for keeping coffee fun and avoiding snobbery.

Ryan’s choice for the roaster – US Roasters 12kg Millenium

The article we mention –  How to Buy a Coffee Roaster and not Get Burned

List of Coffee Importers  From All Over the World

Ryan brings up these coffee importers as ones he is considering:

Cafe Imports
Royal Coffee
Balzac Brothers
Coffee Shrub

Not an importer but a high level producer – The Ninety Plus Coffee

Has Bean and their videos, In My Mug
Barn Coffee – the roaster from Berlin