In this podcast I interviewed Darren Spicer of Clutch Coffee Bar, a fast-growing coffee drive-through chain.

Drive-throughs are a bit foreign to me. I’ve never used one and personally I consume coffee differently, but most Americans welcome a good coffee on the long commute to work.

I am always intrigued about the unknown, so I was very happy when Darren’s path crossed with mine in this podcast episode.

Like a good drive-through, Darren is a very composed, efficient and to-the-point fellow. If you are playing with the idea of starting a coffee drive-through, there is plenty of gold for you in this episode.

We will discuss the best locations for a successful coffee drive-through, the way to make your coffee service efficient, and the most popular and profitable beverages in your café or coffee drive-through. We also touch on the advantages and disadvantages of a franchise model, and whether a coffee drive-through would work in Europe.

Enjoy this episode!



  1. Nice interview. I live in east Germany and I can say the only place at the moment to get a halfway decent coffee in a drive through is McDonald’s. Some years back they started improving their coffee by creating McCafe’s which are kind of their version of Starbucks. Now they are everywhere. In the beginning they had fully automatic machines but now I have noticed they installed high quality espresso machines such as La Cimbali. Now the drive through staff pulls espresso shots and steams the milk separately like a barista. So I would say the coffee is now pretty good. But I am from Seattle and am used to Starbucks drive through’s. Funny thing is, most German’s I know still say McDonald’s coffee sucks even after these improvements. I think it is just a bias against McDonald’s and fast food in general. Anyway, I don’t think a coffee only drive through would work here. I saw it tried in Berlin and it didn’t last long. Just my opinion and observation

    • Thank you! When I was sill living in Budapest (2007?) and the first McCafe opened I was shocked. It was a super hip place, very much like Sbux, but the cafe looked much cooler and the coffee was not so dark. I was impressed. When next time in EU I will definitely give a try to McDonalds coffee, that said, their food is just pure garbage :). I guess that’s why Europeans do not trust their coffee. Thanks for tuning in and for sharing your experience.


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