In this episode of the Coffee is Me podcast, Valerian interviews Mabel and Ming from Moonwake Coffee. They discuss their first sip of coffee, their professions, and why they decided to start a coffee company. They also talk about the meaning behind the name Moonwake and their sales channels, including direct-to-consumer, farmers markets, and wholesale. They highlight the importance of building relationships with customers and the benefits of being part of the coffee enthusiast community. They also touch on the challenges and rewards of starting a business and the importance of finding meaning in their work. MoonWake Coffee Roasters focuses on delivering excellent coffee experiences to customers through their micro-lot offerings and commitment to quality. They have a unique approach to roasting, offering a range of roast levels and highlighting the farm name in their coffee lineup. The founders are passionate about the customer experience and wanted to create a positive and transparent environment. They made the decision to invest in a Cybertruck as a mobile coffee truck to solve problems, attract customers, and provide a unique experience. The biggest challenges for entrepreneurs are starting and dealing with uncertainty. It’s important to take action and have a problem-solving mindset. MoonWake Coffee Roasters can be found online and at the Cupertino Danza College Farmers Market, with plans to open a cafe and roastery in West San Jose.


  • Leaving a stable job to start a coffee business requires careful planning and consideration of priorities.
  • Finding your first customers can be done through personal connections, local communities, and online platforms.
  • Creating a brand name that reflects the desired experience and values of the business can help attract customers.
  • Building a business requires dedication, hard work, and the ability to adapt to challenges.
  • Finding a balance between work and personal life is important for long-term sustainability. Moonwake Coffee segments their lineup into three different lines: cocoa expression, citrus expression, and Nova series, to cater to different taste preferences.
  • They believe that there is no wrong way to enjoy coffee and offer a wide range of roast levels, from ultralight to dark.
  • Moonwake Coffee prioritizes direct relationships with farms and showcases the name of the farm in their lineup.
  • Their unique approach allows them to provide a diverse range of options for their customers. MoonWake Coffee Roasters prioritizes quality and the customer experience.
  • They plan to expand to a couple of storefronts to make a bigger impact on sales and support smaller farms.
  • They have a desire to explore coffee botany and have a fully vertically integrated company.
  • Valerian talks about how entrepreneurs often hesitate to start and have a negative attitude towards uncertainty.

Enjoy the episode!



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