Come explore the specialty coffee scene in India with us and Rahul Reddy. Rahul is the founder of Subko Coffee Roasters, a revolutionary coffee concept that sources the best lots from local farmers for the local consumers.

This is the first episode recorded with video, so if you want to see our faces, join us on YouTube.

In this episode we cover the topics of cupping and calibration, the specialty coffee scene in Mumbai and the Subko Coffee Roasters origin story.

Rahul tells us more about his vision and the benefits of connecting a bakery with his coffee roasting brand.

We touch on the subject of production and why Subko uses Giesen coffee roasters.

Subko’s branding and social media presence is very impressive, and so we definitely had to talk about that.

Finally, Rahul shares a few tips for future coffee entrepreneurs and asks me a question about how Asia as a coffee origin has a future in the specialty coffee industry.



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