In this episode we will discuss roasting related topics with Gwilym Davies. We start with our take on dark roasts, and after that Gwilym will reveal some cool insights into how he assesses lighter roasts for espresso by testing the solubility of coffee. He ran tests on our coffee from Green Plantation Did we pass?
Here is what Gwilym uses for testing solubility:
Here is what I offer as a cheap alternative (Gwilym is not a fan of this one) :
And here are some forum articles on how to do it:
and another
We will also discuss what is the specialty coffee industry’s market share and why it is so important to share and stick together if we want to succeed.
In the interview we mention a rising star in the coffee industry – Standart Magazine.  Check them out — it is a great read for any coffee nerd.
We will also touch on problems with consistency during roasting.  Gwilym thinks the problem is caused by  the nature of the coffee roasters, which are notoricaly temperature unstable. I take a slightly different approach: I see the problem in the nature of the always-changing ingredient – coffee. We agree that we have to recognize this issue and we have to work with it in mind.
What if a coffee roaster ruins a batch? We’ll give you a few tips on what to do with coffee that is not up to your standards.
Speaking of standards, Gwilym will tell you how they define standards at Prufrock Cafe and how they can help you to stay in harmony with the expectations of your customers.



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