What is the next logical step after a coffee cart? More coffee carts? In this episode, Gwilym Davies will talk about synergy, starting a joint venture with a business that shares your values but is in a different industry. This was one of Gwilym’s stops on the way to opening his Prufrock Coffee.
We will talk about the importance of passion when building your coffee business. We will try to avoid cliches. According to Gwilym, you might not need expensive equipment to start a cafe, all you need is to … DO IT. He reveals the example of a very successful cafe where customers were waiting in line for 45 minutes — and the cafe didn’t even have an espresso machine.
There is much more in this episode, including why you should not copy existing businesses if you really want to succeed, how important the quality of your coffee is, and the ideal relationship between the cafe owner/barista and the roaster.
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Some links mentioned in the podcast:
Andrew Barnett’s Linea Cafe SF
Interview with Gwilym Davies at European Coffee Trip
Few More Links:


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