In this episode I will interview Gwilym Davies, who changed the coffee scene in London, won the 2009 World barista Championship, and, despite the fact that he trains the best baristas on the world and is a judge in the most prestigious barista competitions, once said that “espresso is disappointing”.

In this episode, we will talk with Gwilym about his experience starting and running a coffee cart in London.
Coffee carts are one of the best ways to get into the coffee business; they are very low risk and tons of fun.

We will talk about the business versus creative side of a venture. A lot of us wanted to start a business because we love coffee, but is having a coffee business the same as working with coffee?

Gwilym will reveal a risk factor for coffee roasters that cafe owners do not have and enjoy! You will hear from my voice that I got a brain freeze.

He will tell you what made him start his coffee cart, how he found a partner in crime, how they built their business and run it on a very tight budget, and much more.


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