How and why did Hiver start Chromatic coffee? His origin story is really inspiring. So many people say “this is what I want to do,” but what are you ready to give up? Would you give up your comforts, free time, and risk your financial security?

What kind of personality you have to be in order to become an entrepreneur? In this episode we will discuss two very different worlds of entrepreneurship.

When it comes to roasting and packaging, custom modifications are in the DNA of the company. Chromatic is well known for its variety of packaging designs. What is their secret? How can they have limited edition designs on their packaging? Hiver opens up about the benefits and efficiency of hot stamping and tells us about their modification on the hot stamping machine which helps them stay relevant.

Our wide-ranging conversation answers such questions as where Chromatic get its coffee and why they offer robusta; tips on how to buy coffee Direct Trade, and whether coffee importers are your best friends or your foes. Hiver also has suggestions on where to get money for starting your coffee roasting business and what it means for your future ownership.

Coffee Review scores were very helpful for Chromatic at the beginning. This customer-oriented service attracts plenty of controversy in the industry, but the truth is, these scores help customers to understand your product and will influence your sales.

Finally, we discuss Chromatic’s very interesting and engaging website reward program. Find out from Hiver whether this program has been worth the investment.



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