Talking with former student of mine Sebastian Ramirez about his tips for new coffee shop entrepreneurs.

Cafetal Coffee is a Specialty Coffee shop located near ASU in Tempe, Arizona. offering coffee from their family farm in Colombia and serving Latin infused breakfast and lunch!

Sebastian was very generous and shared a lot of useful tips for everybody who is thinking to open a cafe or a coffee shop.

00:00 Introducing Sebastian Ramirez Cafetal Coffee
00:48 Sebastian’s First Coffee Experience
02:14 Is taking a Q Grader course a good way to start a coffee shop? Why does Sebastian work with coffee
07:08 Why start a coffee shop? The foundation story of Cafetal Coffee.
12:30 About Cafetal Coffee’s coffee shop menu. Do sweet drinks, QR codes, and pastries belong to a specialty coffee shop?
25:50 Tips for how to buy a coffee shop?
31:30 The largest expenses when running a coffee shop
37:13 How do you find baristas and employees for your coffee shop?
39:25 Profit sharing, employee-owned coffee shop, and other “crazy” ideas for keeping your coffee shop staff happy and motivated.
51:12 Does it make sense for a coffee shop to roast its coffee? What is the ideal size of a coffee roaster for a coffee shop?
1:06:05 what other products except coffee make a coffee shop profitable?
1:13:11 ❤️ for Ukraine
1:15:58 What margins should one use to make a coffee shop profitable?
1:20:30 The Best coffee in the world is …
1:25:26 What is the most profitable food product in a restaurant?



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