In this conversation, Mariana Moreno from Tueste Café in Mexico shares insights into the Mexican specialty coffee scene and the growth of specialty coffee in the country. Mariana discusses the challenges and opportunities of being a woman in the coffee industry and the unique aspects of their coffee company, which includes a coffee school and a coffee shop. She also talks about their approach to sourcing coffee cherries then processing them themselves using their own processing style. Mariana shares their sales strategies and target audience, as well as the challenges of selling coffee to restaurants and hotels. In this conversation, Valerian and Mariana Moreno discuss the challenges of making coffee in restaurants and introduce a potential solution called the XBloom machine. They also explore the importance of roasting coffee to customer preferences and the influence of Mexican culture on coffee profiles. Mariana shares her vision for the future of Tueste Café and her personal growth as a coffee trainer.


  • The Mexican specialty coffee scene has been growing in the past decade, with a focus on quality and innovation in processing methods.
  • Being a woman in the coffee industry can present challenges, but there is a growing community of women supporting and empowering each other.
  • Selling coffee to restaurants and hotels can be a challenge, but there is an opportunity to educate and provide better quality coffee to these establishments.
  • Social media, particularly Instagram, has been an effective sales tool for Tueste Café, along with word-of-mouth recommendations. 
  • For Tueste Café, roasting coffee to customer preferences is important for providing a personalized coffee experience.
  • Mariana aims to make Tueste Café a reference in Mexico for coffee and coffee machines, while also becoming an SCA trainer.

Enjoy the episode!

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