In this episode, Austin and Colin from Mom and M Coffee share their journey from San Francisco to Cincinnati and the challenges they faced in opening their coffee shop. They discuss their decision to start roasting their own coffee and the process of choosing a roaster. They also talk about the benefits of owning their real estate and the foreign concepts they introduced in Cincinnati. Finally, they explain their coffee offerings and how they make decisions for their portfolio. In this conversation, Valerian and Colinn discuss various aspects of the coffee business, including coffee blends and single origins, the cost and quality of espresso, tips for starting a food business, the importance of passion and entrepreneurship, and future plans for both the business and the host.


  • Coffee blends and single origins offer different flavor profiles and can be used in various brewing methods.
  • The cost of espresso can be higher due to the quality of the beans and the complexity of the blend.
  • Passion and entrepreneurship are essential for success in the food industry.
  • Starting a food business requires hard work, dedication, and a focus on financial management.
  • Future plans for the business include consistent quality, growth, and bridging the gap between farmers and consumers.
  • The host plans to continue teaching, traveling, and exploring personal interests in the next five years.


00:00Introduction and First Coffee Memories
03:14From San Francisco to Cincinnati
06:34Starting Mom and M Coffee
09:30Challenges of Opening Mom and M Coffee
13:42Joining the Mom and M Coffee Team
16:05Starting with an Airstream Trailer
19:32Introducing Foreign Concepts in Cincinnati
21:55The Offerings at Mom and M Coffee
25:12The Decision to Start Roasting
29:15Learning to Roast and Choosing a Roaster
36:19The Benefits of Owning Real Estate
45:01Roasting Portfolio and Decision-Making
45:30Introduction to Coffee Blends and Single Origins
50:00The Cost and Quality of Espresso
52:06Tips for Starting a Food Business
56:23The Importance of Passion and Entrepreneurship
01:01:07Future Plans for the Business
01:04:01Future Plans for the Host
01:07:21Where to Find


Enjoy the episode!




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