In the bustling world of specialty coffee, where the beans tell stories and the aromas transport you to distant lands, one brand has been quietly brewing a storm, not just in a cup, but in the entrepreneurial world as well. Welcome to the universe of Hydrangea Coffee, a small specialty coffee brand that has managed to blend the rich notes of passion, quality, and smart business into a delectable brew of success.

A Sip into Billy’s Journey
Billy, the brain behind Hydrangea Coffee, didn’t always tread the coffee beans’ path. His journey, deeply rooted in the logical realms of software engineering, took a flavorful turn when his passion for roasting coffee beans began to simmer through his professional life. But what was it that percolated this shift from codes to coffee?

Billy’s first sip into the coffee world wasn’t merely about the beverage; it was an exploration into the myriad profiles that each bean presented, a diversity that mirrored the various coding languages he worked with. His curiosity piqued, and what started as a side project to experiment with different coffee profiles, gradually brewed into a business that not only satisfied his creative palate but also carved a niche in the specialty coffee market.

The Essence Behind the Name
The name “Hydria,” inspired by the ancient Greek vessel used for carrying water, symbolizes not just the fluidity and essence of coffee but also reflects Billy’s journey of pouring his creativity and expertise into a vessel that carries the rich, bold, and unique profiles of his coffee to the world.

Brewing Profit with Passion
Hydrangea Coffee, while being a beacon of quality and uniqueness in the coffee world, is also a testament to how a side gig, when brewed with passion and smart financial planning, can pour out substantial revenue. With just 20 hours of work per week, Billy manages to steam up a whopping $15,000 in revenue, showcasing that when passion and profession blend, it results in a rich, rewarding brew.

A Brand that Speaks Volumes with its Beans
HydrangeaCoffee doesn’t just stop at being a specialty brand; it echoes the philosophy that quality and uniqueness can be more than just a business model. For Billy and Hydrangea, these coffees are an interesting venture, a journey where each bean is curated, roasted, and presented not just as a beverage but as an experience to be savored, especially by those who have a palate for fine dining and high-end wines.

A Future Steeped in Expansion and Connection
While Hydrangea primarily sells through their website and a local café, utilizing a consignment model, the future holds plans of expanding their wholesale channels, reaching out to a larger volume of customers, and continuing to explore and present unique and funky coffees to the world.

Billy believes in the potential that younger generations and cultures, which were not traditionally steeped in coffee-drinking, bring to the table. They are open, willing to pay for an experience, and appreciate the nuanced art of specialty coffee making.

In a world where every sip tells a story, Hydrangea Coffee, and Billy have managed to create a narrative that goes beyond just a beverage. It’s a tale of passion, smart entrepreneurship, and a belief that quality, when presented rightly, finds its connoisseurs.

As Hydrangea looks towards the future, with plans to establish personal connections through trade shows and festivals, and enhance customer communication through newsletters and emails, one thing remains certain – every bean, every sip, and every customer will always be a cherished part of their journey.

Enjoy the episode!




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