I first met Tim and his daughter Frankie at one of Boot Coffee’s Q Grader classes. As a proud father myself I admired that this 12-year-old is following her father’s passion for building a coffee brand. Yes, they both attended the Q Grader class, but that is a story for next time.

Tim is not new in the business world, he built and sold a few successful ventures. When he moved to Grand Rapids, MI, he decided to skip the line and buy his next venture instead of doing the startup hustle. In this podcast Tim elaborates on why he decided to buy in rather than start up, and whether it was a good idea. He  also gives us valuable tips about how to find and evaluate a company if you’re  thinking to purchase your own.

Schuil Coffee specializes in more affordable  specialty coffees, and one of their popular products is flavored coffee. I was intrigued about the sales and Tim was kind enough to indulge us with some valuable information.

By now all you listeners know to expect the question about sales channels. With Tim, we discussed sales and pricing in grocery stores, on Amazon and the very popular coffee subscription service Trade.

We also touched on the topic of distributors. Tim shares his very good experience working with local distributors.

Recently I was approached for a consultation by a young entrepreneur from Arizona who had a hard time finding a local roaster who would rent him time on his roaster. I was curious what Tim thinks about renting time on his roasters.

Finally this episode, has a big announcement regarding Unleashed Coffee. If you plan to start a coffee roasting company, you should definitely not miss that part.

Enjoy the show!


Tim’s Brands:

Schuil Coffee

The Sparrows



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