For All the Coffee Roasters Out There…


This is a small shoutout to all the coffee roasters out there. People take their morning coffees for granted. It is always on the shelves of the supermarket, it is always in the kitchen waiting to be brewed. But how did it get there? How was the seed of a fruit transformed to the most popular beverage on the planet? On my personal Facebook post I called it magic.

“It must be magic to transform the tasteless, hard, green seed of a coffee cherry into the beverage which will make your gray morning into an awesome day.

It must be magic to roast coffee, which accompanies your moments of solitude and intimate thoughts, but also starts the best conversations and friendships in the neighborhood café.

It must be magic to take you wonderful lands and introduce you to amazing people who grew your coffee.

I don’t know any tricks, but every time I am behind a roaster I feel like a magician.

Thank you for doing magic with me.”


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