In this episode, we chat with Erich Joiner, founder of goodboybob coffee in Los Angeles, California. GBB has gained a reputation for sourcing the world’s best coffees, including top lots from Cup of Excellence.

Initially catering to his friends and colleagues in the film industry, Erich’s passion for specialty coffee was sparked by the unique flavors and aromas he encountered. We explore how he manages to sell these high-end coffees and how GBB’s hard-to-find location in Santa Monica adds to its allure.

As a filmmaker, race driver and only recent coffee drinker, Erich shares way of hiring the best people roast and select the perfect coffees for his portfolio. He also talks about his bold mission to bring his coffee to rural America and his promising initial trials.

This episode is a departure from the norm, as Erich’s goal is to have fun rather than make a profit. In a world tired of generic brands, unique and quirky experiences are increasingly valued. Find out how GBB fits into this trend by tuning in!

Enjoy the episode!



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