This is a promised episode where we try to inspire through our experience of building a coffee brand.

After I introduce William – the coffee farmer and the CEO of Unleashed Coffee we will give you few tips how to select the perfect business partner for your project.

We also did a small exercise and asked each other our strong points and our weaknesses. This part was unrehearsed and we had a blast to evaluate each other.

Selecting the name for our company was pretty challenging and long process. Did we over think it? We will share how and what did we find important when selecting the name and how did we test it among potential customers.

Are focus groups the right way to test your potential name? If so how can you get most of them?

All this and much more in this episode.

Here is the list of the names we brainstormed but did not use. They might inspire you:
zippy coffee, doozy coffee, karat coffee, factual coffee, baronial coffee, comely coffee, beancause coffee, radiant coffee, yipee coffee, upskill coffee, utter coffee, spunky coffee, nirvana coffee, elation coffee, elate coffee, clan coffee, coalition coffee, beannuts coffee, beanuts coffee, aromance coffee, frolic coffee, ribbon coffee, brazicali coffee, better beans coffee, hint coffee, fruition coffee, chocolove coffee, deem coffee, tidal coffee, glean coffee, prime pick coffee, stallion coffee, tidbit coffee, delicacy coffee, homes coffee, agri coffee, seismic coffee, epicenter coffee, quake coffee, span coffee, elation coffee, svelte coffee, doddle coffee, gowpen coffee, izzat coffee, Bumpkin coffee, Chitchat coffee, Bridgebean, Carve Coffee, Hand grown, we grew coffee, minas best coffee, minas harvest, brazil harvest, brazil crop

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