In this episode, Sameer takes us back to the origins of Voyager Coffee, a concept born out of a desire to revitalize their city, San Jose. As natives of the area, Sameer and his partner Lauren noticed a trend of friends and acquaintances leaving for more exciting urban centers. Determined to inject vibrancy into their hometown, they envisioned Voyager Coffee as a catalyst for community-building and a hub of creativity.

With a humble beginning as a coffee cart, Sameer and Lauren’s dream gradually took shape. They poured their hearts and souls into their venture, starting with a meager three-kilo San Franciscan roaster in a garage. Despite the challenges they faced and the financial hurdles along the way, their dedication to quality and the farm-to-cup experience propelled them forward.

Join Sameer as he discusses the pivotal moment when Voyager Coffee transitioned from a multi-roaster model to establishing their own roastery and chain of five coffee shops. Discover the motivation behind this bold move, driven by a desire to be closer to the source and have a direct impact on the coffee they served. Witness their journey of growth, from a small-scale operation to a multi-location coffee empire, with beautifully designed cafes that have become iconic in the South Bay area.

Through this conversation, you’ll gain insights into the intricacies of running both a cafe and a roastery under one umbrella. Sameer shares the challenges they faced, the complexities of managing hierarchical lines of communication, and the financial considerations that come with expanding their business. Learn from their experiences and discover valuable lessons for aspiring coffee entrepreneurs.

If you’re passionate about specialty coffee, community-building, or the entrepreneurial spirit, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Course: Sameer Shah will be sharing his extensive knowledge on “How to Start a Coffee Shop” as a course instructor at the esteemed Boot Coffee campus. Gain valuable insights and practical tips from Sameer, who has firsthand experience in building and growing Voyager Coffee. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a true industry expert and take your coffee shop dreams to new heights. Ready to be captivated? Tune in to the podcast now and unlock the secrets to building a thriving coffee business with Sameer Shah of Voyager Coffee.

Enjoy the episode!



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