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The Importance of the Coffee Importer

Have you ever wondered what coffee importers do besides taking our hard-earned money? Well if you did, this episode is for you.In my experience a good relationship with a coffee importer is vital to create a successful coffee portfolio. In this episode I interview Jean Heylen from 32 Cup (Tree to Cup), one of the coffee importers I use in...

Barista vs Roaster Thoughts on Coffee Roasting and Quality Standards

In this episode we will discuss roasting related topics with Gwilym Davies. We start with our take on dark roasts, and after that Gwilym will reveal some cool insights into how he assesses lighter roasts for espresso by testing the solubility of coffee. He ran tests on our coffee from Green Plantation Did we pass?   Here is what Gwilym uses...

Starting a Successful Cafe with Gwilym Davies

What is the next logical step after a coffee cart? More coffee carts? In this episode, Gwilym Davies will talk about synergy, starting a joint venture with a business that shares your values but is in a different industry. This was one of Gwilym's stops on the way to opening his Prufrock Coffee.   We will talk about the importance of passion...

How to Start a Trendy Coffee Cart with Gwilym Davies

In this episode I will interview Gwilym Davies, who changed the coffee scene in London, won the 2009 World barista Championship, and, despite the fact that he trains the best baristas on the world and is a judge in the most prestigious barista competitions, once said that “espresso is disappointing”.In this episode, we will talk with Gwilym about his...

Coffeeis.ME Podcast – Crowdfunding your Coffee Business with Ryan O’Rourke

Ryan will share his experience with crowdfunding his business.He raised $6000 on IndieGoGo, which will help him to start his coffee roasting business. Ryan will share also other perks of doing crowdfunding like letting the world know that you are coming or finding real estate or other potential investors.I will share Green Plantation's story of funding Handground on KickStarter.Ryan's...

Coffeeis.ME Podcast – Starting a Coffee Roasting Company #2 with Ryan O’Rourke

Thank you for all your input, reviews and support! You guys rock.In the second episode of our podcast we will talk about:How to select your brand name. I will share a mistake I made when selecting the name of my company - Green Plantation - and how we fixed it.How to get an time proof logo for your brand starting...

Coffeeis.ME Podcast – Starting a Coffee Roasting Company #1 with Ryan O’Rourke

Thank you for listening to the Coffeeis.me podcast. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, TuneIn radio so you don't miss a single episode. You can support us by leaving an honest review on iTunes. Thank you!In this episode I will interview Ryan O'Rourke about how he prepared to start a coffee roasting company.Ryan is starting Ironclad Coffee Roasters in...

Coffeeis.ME Podcast – What is this Podcast About

What is Coffeeis.me and why would you benefit from listening to it? This episode #0 will explain all that, plus introduces the host Valerian Hrala. Did you know he used to drink Turkish coffee in Kosovo?

Coffeeis.ME Podcast – Central American Coffee and How to Start a Coffee Farm with Willem Boot

The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Minimalist design has been highly influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture. In addition, the work of De Stijl artists is a major source of reference for this kind of work.

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