I am not sure whether it is Joey’s fascinating story or the current global situation, but this episode got a bit personal.

Joey first started trading in “commodities” as a drug user and later dealer. Today he is the CEO of Cafe Kreyol — a direct trade coffee importing and roasting company based in Manassas, Virginia. His path was not straight, but finding God and purpose in his life led him out of the darkness.

Cafe Kreyol has a strong foot in the In this episode I meant to be funny with A question about how his drug smuggling experience helped with direct trade.

That question ended up on the cutting room floor, but we did talk about having a social mission and how it can or can’t help with your business, and about coffee farming in Haiti; we discussed different coffee roasters we have used, Joe’s wins and losses while building his brand, and finally we returned to a discussion about the universe, soil, and human ego.

You can find Cafe Kreyol:



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