Nick Walton is a rebel… was a rebel. He grew up on a milk farm, but his revolutionary attitude towards his parents drove his dad to say “enough! Time to grow up!” Nick’s coffee story starts with sleeping in a car while homeless. Was this the push he needed to take life seriously, which finds its conclusion in a mysteriously-named coffee roasting company Flag and Wire? I will let him tell the story.

As fascinating Nick’s story is, our conversation is not only about him. We dig in into concrete strategies and tips for every coffee entrepreneur.

We start with advice on naming your company. Nick and his wife Kim hired a naming consultant. I wanted to know how that worked for them, was it worth it?

Nick shares his very interesting take on passion in the coffee industry, and how his custom-built air roaster irritated other coffee professionals.

We also discuss our experiences with different channels when it comes to selling coffee. Where are they getting results, wholesale, grocery stores, a web shop?

Nick’s coffee artistry in practice …

Finally we gave some love to a few wine producers. Since we recorded the podcast remotely early in the day, we did not pop any wine this time, but we discussed our favorite wine makers.

My suggestion was from Rachel Ryan – Sierra Foothills Chardonnay, and Nick suggested wine makers like Eyrie VineyardsA to ZBrooks Wines.

You can find Flag And Wire:



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