In this show, I interview Gleason Jones from Opelika, Alabama and founder of Minimalist Coffee. Minimalist Coffee is the brand new venture of this 25-year-old entrepreneurial gentleman, addressing the need for a good, freshly roasted coffee with associated charity contributions in the local community.

Gleason dared to violate my rule for the size of the coffee roaster. How’s that working for him? Can he make a sustainable business with a 2 kg roaster?

Gleason owns a former school bus that he retrofitted for mobile coffee sales. The coffee bus drew not only my attention, but also that of the local young coffee lovers hovering around it. Gleason reveals his first triumphs and mistakes selling coffee this way.

Can social media influencers help sell your coffee? Gleason shares his experience.

Enjoy the show.

Minimalist Coffee Company Website

Minimalist Coffee Company Instagram

Minimalist Coffee Company Facebook



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